Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Weekend with the family

I went to Lawrence for the weekend. Got to see my family for the first time in months. It was nice because we were all home for the weekend, minus Jonathan.
Friday night we went to a little carnival near JT’s daycare. You could see the difference in the boys’ personalities. JT is cautious while Marshall dives right in. Hannah probably wants me to point out that it was a mere coincidence that they were dressed alike.
We got in some good play time. Marshall is an adorable little chatter box. JT is growing like a weed – way too fast for my liking. They both had us laughing a lot.
It was a really great weekend for the whole family to be together.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Costa Rica 2008

We're back safe & sound. It was an amazing trip to San Jose, Costa Rica. It was so neat going into a known situation. Everything went really well. I kept waiting for something to go wrong, but it never did. God is good! (BTW, that's the real sunrise as we left Wichita.)

Here's a little summary/testimony I wrote for our church website and a few pictures to share.

This was my 2nd trip to The Abraham Project in San Jose, Costa Rica. It was incredible to say I helped pour that part of the foundation last year and now see that they’re framing the 3rd story. Another team member got to see a children’s home he worked on completed & occupied. We spent the week helping with grunt work – removing nails & staples from donated wood, sorting & moving wood piles. It was necessary work and the project workers were very thankful for our help. There was sharing and encouragement between our team and the Ticos (Costa Ricans). We were told that our fingerprints were forever on their buildings. And we can rejoice that we have helped advance the kingdom work being done at the project.

We participated in a day of feeding ministry through Cristo Para La Ciudad – Transformations. It is always moving to drive to the poorest and unsafe parts of the city and feed the people. You see the conditions they live in and realize for some of them it is the only solid meal they get all week. But Ronald’s heart for the people is to feed them and form relationships in order to transform their lives with Christ.

One day we did a kids’ party at a church that is beginning to learn about children’s ministry. We had games for the kids for about an hour and then gave a short skit and gospel presentation. Half of the 60 kids came forward to receive Christ and the church members will follow up with them. It seemed like we did so little and yet God used it to do so much.

Between all three ministries we worked with, the whole week was about transformation - transforming lives for Christ. God can use our feeble efforts to help advance His work in Costa Rica. And He’ll use the experience to transform each team member for His greater use wherever they live their everyday lives.
Our last day we got to have some fun and went zip-lining through the rain forest canopy near Volcano Poas. It was a blast. And we spent the afternoon at La Paz Waterfall Gardens.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Via con Dios

Tomorrow we head to Costa Rica for 9 days on a mission trip. It's hard to believe after 6 months of planning that it's here. Please pray for our team. I'll post pictures and stories when we return.