Sunday, January 30, 2011

A wide range of weather

I am reminded of my childhood on the farm when I crave things like fresh green beans as I did this week.
Which makes me think about going pea picking in August because the 1st frost was coming.  I remember Kay Garriott explaining the 7 layers of clothes she had on to us kids.  Funny how the brain synapsis work.

Apparently there is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan in my neighborhood.  Friday a dozen different pro-Steelers signs showed up on our streets.  We've never had such adamant Super Bowl team fans. 
Diesel gets a few liberties on weekends, like snoozing in bed with me when I don't want to get up as early as him.  It cracks me up when he sleeps with his head on the pillow. (I don't know why my mom thinks he's spoiled.)
We've had a variety of weather this week.  It started with some snow still on the ground and ended with spring-like weather.  Friday & Saturday were shirtsleeve weather.  It is a little clouded over, but my patio thermometer read 67 degrees Saturday afternoon. D & I took a long walk and then I went on a bike ride and read out on the back patio.  Ridiculous weather for the end of January.  But no worries, we won't get used to it - freezing rain and 30s are predicted for Monday. 
I finally got to use one of my birthday presents - the beater blade!  It's got spatula type edges so it scrapes the bowl - an amazing little invention that makes me love my Kitchen Aid mixer even more.  Thanks Heather G!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


This week didn't seem to have much to take picture of.  I have to admit I wasn't looking for them much either. It has been kind of rough trying to build a new routine since the start of the year. One thing I have kept in the routine is my weekend cooking time.  I choose a meal to make for lunch and a meal to make for dinner for the week.  Then I portion them out so they're ready to go.  It keeps me from buying fast food when a day gets long or I just don't feel like cooking that night. So the sight of this in the fridge at the beginning of the week makes me feel happy and somewhat ready to tackle the week.
In case you were wondering, this week's menu was vegetarian chili with sweet potatoes (on the left) and Tunisian vegetable stew with mini meatballs over couscous.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

First snow

On Monday, we had 4.5 inches of snow. It was our first snow of the season and quite fluffy.  Diesel was hesitant at first, but he loves rubbing his face in it.

He is also in love with his new kitty.  It took him about 9 months to shred his first kitty.  He was almost willing to forgo a walk to play with the new kitty when it arrived in the mail.  He has constantly wanted to play with it this week. He'll drop it at my feet and then look up pathetically begging to me to throw it.
He does pathetic puppy dog eyes really well.  Friday night he was so cute begging for my snack as I settled in for a night chilling on the couch.
My birthday was this week.  Saturday was my birthday present to myself.  I went with a group of friends to Lawrence to see KU play Nebraska in Allen Field House.  It was a tight game, but the Jayhawks pulled it out.  It was an incredible atmosphere.  A great day!
Memebers of the 1952 National Championship team were honored during the game.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A New Year

I finished the year plus of daily pictures that I set out to do. It was a very fun, enlighting project.  I sometimes had to think to find something to photograph for that day, some I knew well in advance, and others were happy surprises.  But there was always something to celebrate about each day.  It was good to take time to recognize even the little things that make up my daily life.  God has certainly blessed me.  We need to be sure to keep our eyes open for those moments each day to see His hand leading. 
While I don't intend to do daily pictures this year, I will post at least one photo each week.  I still find myself finding moment that I think, "that would be today's picture!"  It is great to recognize little moments, like a beautiful shot of the sun settling along the golf course with wispy clouds in the sky.  Even if you don't take pictures, take time to breathe in those moments.

This week I had the opportunity to attend Wichita State's men's basketball game with Ellen.  It was fun. I haven't been to a game in a long time. We were surrounded by die-hard season ticket holders, and while the first half was ugly, the Shockers ended up winning. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Week 52

Dec 27: I did a bit of touch up painting in my soon-to-be nephew's room.  I had a very eager helper in his big brother.  We had to rig a chair & step stool up in order for him to be able to reach the ceiling.  He proudly helped do half the room and Aunt Jen did the other half.
Dec 28: Diesel was pretty worn out from our time in Lawrence and happy to be on the ride home.
Dec 29: I started tackling my big planned project - removing the popcorn ceiling from the kitchen/dining room.  It took half the day to prep for the messy job, including emptying the cabinets. The house was quite discombobulated as I stacked stuff in part of the living room.
Dec 30: The work has begun after the room is wrapped in drop clothes to try to contain the mess.

 Dec 31: Taking a break from the work & mess at home, I celebrated New Year's with my Pathways friends with a semi-formal dinner & dance at Exploration Place.
Jan 1: Our beloved Singles & Outreach pastor, Doug Barker, is retiring.  This weekend was he preached his farewell sermon.  I can't imagine a mission trip without Doug.
Jan 2: I attended friends' baby dedication this morning. 
And then a friend helped me put up the new kitchen light fixture.  I'm so excited - I've been scoping out a new kitchen light for over a year and with the ceiling done it's the perfect time!  Please notice the nice smooth, non-popcorn ceiling.