Sunday, January 23, 2011


This week didn't seem to have much to take picture of.  I have to admit I wasn't looking for them much either. It has been kind of rough trying to build a new routine since the start of the year. One thing I have kept in the routine is my weekend cooking time.  I choose a meal to make for lunch and a meal to make for dinner for the week.  Then I portion them out so they're ready to go.  It keeps me from buying fast food when a day gets long or I just don't feel like cooking that night. So the sight of this in the fridge at the beginning of the week makes me feel happy and somewhat ready to tackle the week.
In case you were wondering, this week's menu was vegetarian chili with sweet potatoes (on the left) and Tunisian vegetable stew with mini meatballs over couscous.


Lacy said...

Made me flashback to our Monday night's at creative team. It was always awesome when you cooked!

Jennifer said...

Thanks! Man, that seems like forever ago even though it's only been a few years.