Sunday, January 30, 2011

A wide range of weather

I am reminded of my childhood on the farm when I crave things like fresh green beans as I did this week.
Which makes me think about going pea picking in August because the 1st frost was coming.  I remember Kay Garriott explaining the 7 layers of clothes she had on to us kids.  Funny how the brain synapsis work.

Apparently there is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan in my neighborhood.  Friday a dozen different pro-Steelers signs showed up on our streets.  We've never had such adamant Super Bowl team fans. 
Diesel gets a few liberties on weekends, like snoozing in bed with me when I don't want to get up as early as him.  It cracks me up when he sleeps with his head on the pillow. (I don't know why my mom thinks he's spoiled.)
We've had a variety of weather this week.  It started with some snow still on the ground and ended with spring-like weather.  Friday & Saturday were shirtsleeve weather.  It is a little clouded over, but my patio thermometer read 67 degrees Saturday afternoon. D & I took a long walk and then I went on a bike ride and read out on the back patio.  Ridiculous weather for the end of January.  But no worries, we won't get used to it - freezing rain and 30s are predicted for Monday. 
I finally got to use one of my birthday presents - the beater blade!  It's got spatula type edges so it scrapes the bowl - an amazing little invention that makes me love my Kitchen Aid mixer even more.  Thanks Heather G!

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