Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sam's Arrival

It was a crazy week.  Diesel was super excited to get to go on a ride. He climbed in the car and wouldn't budge while I finished loading up the car to head up to Lawrence on Monday.
We were going up in order to be there when Sharon had her baby.  Everyone was at my parents' house on Monday night minus Hannah's husband.  Sharon & David came so that they could get to the hospital easily despite the winter storm predicted.  They left early Tuesday morning for her c-section. 
Samuel Thomas was born at 8:22 AM.  8 lb 1 oz, 19 inches long. 
While the blizzard started outside, Aunt Jennifer got to spend a lot of play time with JT, Marshall and Jack.

After lunch we braved the blizzard to go up to the hospital to meet baby Sam. 
Sam is absolutely adorable.  JT was instantly in love with his baby brother.  "He's the most perfect baby ever! I love him!"  Then we all got a chance to hold him, except for Jack.  He's a precious little baby!

I returned home after 2 days of chaos -and fun- at my parents with all the boys and dogs. Sharon was sick after the c-section.  She was better on Wednesday but then got worse.  Ends up she has systemic strep and is still in the hospital.  She is starting to do better.  Sam is doing fine.  Hannah got an eye infection while at my parents.  Mom had a stomach virus.  Then I got sick when I was home Thursday night.  Crazy week for the family.  When Mom told Marshall that I got sick, he asked if Diesel was taking care of me.  So cute. Yes, Diesel stayed by my side the whole day Friday when I was on the couch.  He's a good puppy.

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