Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Sharon has been recovering at my parents since she was released from the hospital.  Thank God she is coming along well.  JT was off school for several days and Grandma needed a little help keeping him occupied since she had her hands full with his mom and baby brother.  Aunt Jen to the rescue.  I went up for the weekend to lend a hand.  On Saturday JT and I went on an adventure - we went exploring around Clinton Lake and had a grand old time despite the cold, blustery day.

We had lots of adventure and JT proudly showed off all the treasure we collected - nuts, shells, pinecones, rocks, bark, leaves, feathers, pods, and "Jennifer" berries (juniper).

I was also able to get a little snuggle time with Sam.  He's a precious little one.  JT was so excited to show him off at church on Sunday.  He had Grandma & Sam come to his Sunday school class so he could show everyone his baby brother.

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