Monday, November 29, 2010

Week 47

Nov 22: I'm so happy about my freshly raked yard.  I hired Sara to do it this year and it was totally worth it!
Nov 23: Yeah! Bear is finally in his Pilgrim costume for Thanksgiving! I was wondering if he was going to don it this year.  We've come full circle in the year of Bear.
Nov 24: I went to my parents for Thanksgiving.  Diesel and Barkley both know that Dad shares his cookies.  They were very attentive. 
Nov 25: Our great spread for Thanksgiving dinner.
JT and I made a blanket together for his baby brother.
Nov 26: Diesel sleeps under my raised bed at home.  He cracked me up when he tried to get under a normal bed at my parents - only his head would fit. Didn't bother him, he slept that way anyway.
Nov 27: Mom and I went to a fair trade craft fair on KU's campus and got a view of iconic Fraser Hall as the sun set.
Nov 28: My parents cannot be accused of dated house decor, but there are somethings that don't change and that's comforting.  I love to snuggle under the afghans made by my grandmas.  This one was made by Grandma Connie in the 1980s as a present for us.  Downstairs there are 2 made by Grandma Ledford. 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week 46

Nov 15: Tonight I, once again, used the cutting board I got in Costa Rica on a mission trip.  I love this little board and always think of my friends in CR when I use it.
Nov 16: Society of Women Engineers went on a tour of the local National Weather Service office. It was very interesting of find out how they do their jobs.
Nov 17: I took Diesel to get his nails trimmed today since he won't let me do it.  Apparently, manicure = torture.  But he'll stand there calmly for them to pluck hair out of his ears.  Go figure.
Nov 18: I agreed to join a steering committee for a group at work that does events for women in engineering & technology at our company. We had our planning meeting at a wine bar downtown. I think I might like this group.
Nov 19: Jeremy, Rachel & I met for lunch at Usuluteco.  It was her first time there.  She was a happy camper with pupusas and a Kolashampan.
Nov 20: It was a very full day ending with 2 events back to back.  Lights of Love is a tree lighting ceremony of the biggest tree in Wichitar.  It is also a fundraising event for Ronald McDonald House.  So I was asked to help out with the festivities.  I was a "photo helper". After a cozy picture with Santa beside the lake, I helped get the photos ready for pick up.
When I was done with that, I walked over to Bella Luna to join the girls for dinner as part of Janel's bachlorette party.  It was a fun time.
Nov 21: Another full day today, including Janel's bridal shower, was started by making a turkey for Pathways' Thanksgiving dinner tonight. I was pretty impressed with how great my bird turned out. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week 45

Nov 8: Daylight Savings Time ended and it's wreaked a little havoc on my Monday routine. Diesel gets his walk late on Mondays.  We took a walk at 6:30 tonight and it was already totally dark.  Even with the street lights and my flashlight, I was a little creeped out despite knowing my neighborhood well.  Monday's routine will be changed because that will not be happening again.
Nov 9: We took a ride to the park for our walk today. D looks so cute with his head hanging out the window.  (Hannah, please note that the car was not moving when I took this picture.)
Nov 10: I made dinner for our women's biblestudy tonight: fresh tomato pasta, parmesan bread, and lime pie. I got to use my serving dishes and actually set the table! We are having a great time doing a new study on the book of Ruth.
Nov 11: I introduced two co-workers to the deliciousness of Usuluteco at lunch today - the Salvadoran restaurant.  I tried something besides pupusas this time, the chicken & rice was yummy. 
Nov 12: My baking mood has not passed yet.  Too many recipes, not enough occasions.  I made a pumpkin spice cake to take to a friend's gathering tonight. 
Nov 13: I got to eat at La Galette for the first time today. It's a French bakery & cafe in the Delano District.  Amber & I went for brunch.  The pastry display case is filled with amazing creations.
Tonight Andy & Christina got married at Prairie Rose Ranch.  They were brave to have an outdoor ceremony in November, but despite being a little chilly, it was beautiful and we all enjoyed celebrating with them.
Nov 14: I am likely getting a roommate.  Today the men in our lives were introduced to each other.  They got along pretty well after a lot of introductory sniffing. Chico is a pug.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week 44

November 1: Diesel is just so darn cute when he's chewing away on his towel (security blanket).
November 2: The annual Thanksgiving cookie baking night with the Cantrell girls.  We had a lot of fun & made a big mess.
 November 3: This morning I spoke to Janel's English classes at Newton High School about how I use writing & grammar in my job. It was a fun experience. 
November 4: A hard freeze was forecasted so I cut what was still growing of the basil and some of the oregano to dry. 
 November 5: Hannah was visiting my parents with the boys for a few days.  I went up today to spend some time with my sweet nephews.  Jack is so precious.
 Sharon & JT came over for dinner too.  Marshall & JT both love to "read" the Grandpa's "train books".  (model train catalogs)
 They have a few other family traits in common too...
 And they were happy to help celebrate Grandpa's birthday.
November 6: Mom & I took Jack & Marshall to a sand pile to play.  Jack preferred crawling all over the road.  While he scoots, he giggles and makes little noises.  It's adorable.
 Marshall loved sliding & rolling down the sand pile...and continually losing his boots.
I made it back to Wichita in time for Jimmy's 40th birthday party.  He was very excited about this birthday and we all had fun celebrating with him.
 November 7: There are some large leaf piles at the curbs around the neighborhood.  Diesel loves trouncing through them and digging his head in to find new smells.  It's hilarious to watch.  And I always think of a college friend saying that one of the most satisfying sounds in the world is leaves crunching under foot.  I believe she was right.