Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week 45

Nov 8: Daylight Savings Time ended and it's wreaked a little havoc on my Monday routine. Diesel gets his walk late on Mondays.  We took a walk at 6:30 tonight and it was already totally dark.  Even with the street lights and my flashlight, I was a little creeped out despite knowing my neighborhood well.  Monday's routine will be changed because that will not be happening again.
Nov 9: We took a ride to the park for our walk today. D looks so cute with his head hanging out the window.  (Hannah, please note that the car was not moving when I took this picture.)
Nov 10: I made dinner for our women's biblestudy tonight: fresh tomato pasta, parmesan bread, and lime pie. I got to use my serving dishes and actually set the table! We are having a great time doing a new study on the book of Ruth.
Nov 11: I introduced two co-workers to the deliciousness of Usuluteco at lunch today - the Salvadoran restaurant.  I tried something besides pupusas this time, the chicken & rice was yummy. 
Nov 12: My baking mood has not passed yet.  Too many recipes, not enough occasions.  I made a pumpkin spice cake to take to a friend's gathering tonight. 
Nov 13: I got to eat at La Galette for the first time today. It's a French bakery & cafe in the Delano District.  Amber & I went for brunch.  The pastry display case is filled with amazing creations.
Tonight Andy & Christina got married at Prairie Rose Ranch.  They were brave to have an outdoor ceremony in November, but despite being a little chilly, it was beautiful and we all enjoyed celebrating with them.
Nov 14: I am likely getting a roommate.  Today the men in our lives were introduced to each other.  They got along pretty well after a lot of introductory sniffing. Chico is a pug.

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Hannah said...

As long as you name me primary benefactor, you can take all the pictures you want while driving. Until then, thank you!