Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week 44

November 1: Diesel is just so darn cute when he's chewing away on his towel (security blanket).
November 2: The annual Thanksgiving cookie baking night with the Cantrell girls.  We had a lot of fun & made a big mess.
 November 3: This morning I spoke to Janel's English classes at Newton High School about how I use writing & grammar in my job. It was a fun experience. 
November 4: A hard freeze was forecasted so I cut what was still growing of the basil and some of the oregano to dry. 
 November 5: Hannah was visiting my parents with the boys for a few days.  I went up today to spend some time with my sweet nephews.  Jack is so precious.
 Sharon & JT came over for dinner too.  Marshall & JT both love to "read" the Grandpa's "train books".  (model train catalogs)
 They have a few other family traits in common too...
 And they were happy to help celebrate Grandpa's birthday.
November 6: Mom & I took Jack & Marshall to a sand pile to play.  Jack preferred crawling all over the road.  While he scoots, he giggles and makes little noises.  It's adorable.
 Marshall loved sliding & rolling down the sand pile...and continually losing his boots.
I made it back to Wichita in time for Jimmy's 40th birthday party.  He was very excited about this birthday and we all had fun celebrating with him.
 November 7: There are some large leaf piles at the curbs around the neighborhood.  Diesel loves trouncing through them and digging his head in to find new smells.  It's hilarious to watch.  And I always think of a college friend saying that one of the most satisfying sounds in the world is leaves crunching under foot.  I believe she was right.

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