Monday, January 3, 2011

Week 52

Dec 27: I did a bit of touch up painting in my soon-to-be nephew's room.  I had a very eager helper in his big brother.  We had to rig a chair & step stool up in order for him to be able to reach the ceiling.  He proudly helped do half the room and Aunt Jen did the other half.
Dec 28: Diesel was pretty worn out from our time in Lawrence and happy to be on the ride home.
Dec 29: I started tackling my big planned project - removing the popcorn ceiling from the kitchen/dining room.  It took half the day to prep for the messy job, including emptying the cabinets. The house was quite discombobulated as I stacked stuff in part of the living room.
Dec 30: The work has begun after the room is wrapped in drop clothes to try to contain the mess.

 Dec 31: Taking a break from the work & mess at home, I celebrated New Year's with my Pathways friends with a semi-formal dinner & dance at Exploration Place.
Jan 1: Our beloved Singles & Outreach pastor, Doug Barker, is retiring.  This weekend was he preached his farewell sermon.  I can't imagine a mission trip without Doug.
Jan 2: I attended friends' baby dedication this morning. 
And then a friend helped me put up the new kitchen light fixture.  I'm so excited - I've been scoping out a new kitchen light for over a year and with the ceiling done it's the perfect time!  Please notice the nice smooth, non-popcorn ceiling.


DeMo said...

Ohh i like your light fixture! And good news. Matt asked Doug if he'd ever do a trip and he said he'd go if he was invited. I hope so.

Jennifer said...

Thank you. It was a last minute decision to change out the light but it was really the perfect time to do it.
That'd be awesome! All 4 missions trips I've been on, Doug has too. It'd be weird to go without him.

The Youngs said...

Good job on the ceiling and nice light.