Sunday, December 26, 2010

Week 51

Dec 20: My neighborhood is full of homespun Christmas light displays.
Dec 21: Due to the forecast and a concerned call from my parents, I spent the evening packing to head home a day earlier than planned. Diesel usually gets sad when he sees a suitcase, but he was excited to hear he got to go see Barkley.
Dec 22: It may be a little hard to see but Big D is covered in bits of grass & leaves.  He loves bringing the outdoors in and I find myself sounding like my mom complaining about him messing up my clean floors. (Sorry but I'm too tired to mess with trying to get this picture to rotate properly.)
Dec 23: Janel & I were finally able to get together so I could give her her birthday present - a kickboxing necklace inspired by her.  I have a friend who makes hand-stamp
ed jewelry who ended making this for her line because I asked about one.  Check out and
Dec 24: The Christmas Eve service at my home church is one of my favorites of the year. The college group started with an a cappella chorus of Christmas carols.
Dec 25: A Christmas still life.
JT and I took about 20 silly self-portraits.  I won't force you to see all of them, though they are pretty funny all together.  He's a nut.
Dec 26: JT lost his first tooth today.  He was brave and pulled it out himself. Mom, Dad & I happened to be in KC so we could swing by and see his big news in person.

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