Sunday, December 12, 2010

Week 49

Dec 6: This week is all about my friends' wedding on Friday night.  I am doing the flowers for them.  Tonight I obliterated a Christmas tree to make the 30 swags for the pews. 
Dec 7: Allen & Shaun had a little party tonight to help decorate their "tree".  They asked us to bring tacky ornaments.  I won the prize.  I found these hideous shiny, glittery horses heads with a 6" feathers.  They were cheap enough I got one for each of the guys - one in pink and one in green.
 Dec 8: Today I almost forgot to pick up the leaves & grasses for the wedding bouquets. 
Dec 9: Rehearsal and decorating the chapel.
 Dec 10: Janel & Phil's wedding day! It took all day, but I got the flowers done and she was very happy with the way they turned out.  Whew!
 It was a beautiful, God-honoring ceremony.  
 Dec 11: And thus we've come full circle in a year of Bear. 
 Dec 12: So, last week Big Mean Kitty died.  Kitty had a full, loved life.  I am not sure how quickly Diesel will recover but we're trying out a new toy.  The fox was a gift from Shaun's mom.  D spent 2 weeks at Allen & Shaun's this summer when I was traveling and was well taken care of.

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