Monday, September 24, 2007

My boys

My mom's 60th birthday is in 2 weeks but due to scheduling conflicts, we all made it home this weekend to celebrate it. She didn't want a party, just family. It is a rare thing for the entire family to be together. It was good to hang out and spend time together. We made dinner so that the little men could participate without a problem. JT's not sure what to think of Marshall, but he did pretty well. Marshall just watches his cousin intently. Not too long from now they'll be getting into mischief together.
My boys - the cutest ever!

Marshall and Aunt Jen

He is his mama's son. Hannah is only 1 year younger than me. We both sucked our thumbs. Grandma Marshall visited us when I was about 5. She told us that if we kept sucking our thumbs, we'd eventually suck them off. Mom said she saw my eyes go big, I took my thumb out of my mouth and never sucked it again. Hannah, though, gave Grandma a "yeah right" look and stuck her thumb back in her mouth.

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