Monday, December 17, 2007

A Festive Weekend

It was predicted Wichita would get 6-8” of snow Friday night into Saturday. We got just over 2”. I’m happy, it’s enough snow to give us a pretty coating of white and not enough to cause major travel problems. And I just have to say…the new house color looks fantastic in the snow!

Friday night I attended a “tacky Christmas sweater” party. It was fun, lots of hideous sweaters. I was delighted with the tackiness of my find but every time I went to cross my arms, I scraped my thumb on the baubles decorating the trees on it.


Jamie said...

How fun! By the way, love love love your glasses! Are they new?

Jennifer said...

Thanks. I got the glasses last year, I just don't wear them out much. More so in the winter when I get lazy & don't have a big need for sunglasses.

Lacy said...

The sweaters are awesome! Until I read the theme I was getting scared for you...I was afraid you had gone "there!"