Sunday, September 7, 2008

A travelogue of the last 2 weeks

I've been a bit remiss in keeping up to date with this blog. I hope you'll excuse me but life's been a bit hectic. The 3 weeks between Costa Rica and France have been busy trying to get life caught up, see the family, my roommate's wedding, and prepare for the work trip to France.
To start with - congratulations to Heather & Rob on their nuptials. I was her personal attendant - which basically meant I ran around making sure everything was happening as needed. The wedding went smoothly... (btw, I loved my hairdo - Thanks Heather!)
The day after the wedding I jetted off to Toulouse for 2 weeks for work. That's where I currently am. So here's a little pictoral travelogue of my first week here - the 2nd week won't be as exciting.
Toulouse - the world headquarters of EADS and therefore, Airbus. So that's why I'm here in the southwest of France - training & meetings.
A Cathar cross St. Sernin Basilica L'Olivade in Blagnac - my favorite pizza place in the world The yummy Narcisse pizza - watch out, the olives have pits! Saturday I drove 3 hours east to Nimes. The Romans settled it in 15 B.C. during the reign of Caesar Augustus. The Amphitheatre Romain de Nimes is intact & still used. Maison Carree Tour Magne is in the Jardins de la Fontaine - the oldest Roman monument. I climbed that sucker and let me tell you, the open staircase greatly tested my fear of heights. A statue in the garden. Pont du Gard between Nimes and Avignon on the Gard River dates to 19 B.C. I stopped in Carcassone for dinner on my way home and had cassoulet - a regional speciality. White bean stew with a duck leg and sausage. Perfect on a cool, drizzly night. Carcassone lit up as twilight falls. Seriously, a must see if you ever get to France. Sunday I took 2 of my co-workers and we drove south to Collioure on the Mediterranean Sea down near Spain. A cool little resort town with lots of little shops, beaches, and cafes. Had to park like the locals. Lunch was an "assiette fruits de la mar" (assorted fruits of the sea). I'm not sure what whelks or sea almonds are, but I ate them along with the shrimp, langoustine lobster, oysters. mussels and clams. Then we explored the town. And the 13th century Chateau Royal.

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I can't read this right before all looked so yummy. My stomach is rumbling.
It looks incredible there!