Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The finished product

I thought I'd brag about my flowerbeds and how they matured this season. Not that I did anything special. We had hot days in June when it was not looking good and then the rest of the summer was unusually cool & rainy. I am excited to think that next spring it won't take quite so much work since I'll have some established vegetation. But before I get ahead of myself, here are pictures of how my garden grew.
The back bed is full of hostas, coleus, impatiens, grasses and 2 potted ferns.
The side bed is where I have a little sun for flowers. The daises and black-eyed susans did pretty well. As did the dahlias.
More impatiens grace the patio.
The begonias out front finally started getting big in August.
My front door flowerbed - dwarf lamb's ear, dusty miller, begonias, and dwarf golden barberry shurbs.
Looks like we'll get our first frost this week so all the pretty will start dying away. But I have been happy at the progress made this growing season.

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DeMo said...

The first frost, already? I haven't planted the bulbs yet!!!

My neighbors have really pretty flowers that the previous tenant planted. The people who currently live there now could care less about taking care of the flowers and now they're being overtaken by the really thorny weeds & grasses. I cringe every time I walk by. I should have gone incognito this summer and stolen all the good stuff for my own. I'll see what survives until spring and then do the stealing...