Monday, June 11, 2007

Back in the saddle again

Made it back to France just fine. Every single one of my flights was delayed but not enough to cause me any problems. The layover in Munich got a little long, mainly because I was trying to stay awake. I didn’t get much sleep on that flight – not for wont of trying. But I did watch 3 movies – including Dhoom 2, a Bollywood thief caper complete with song & dance. It stars the girl who Richard Gere got in trouble for kissing on the cheek in public in India back in April. If you’re ever in the mood for total cheese – go Bollywood. Bride & Prejudice can’t help but make you smile – the gospel choir & surfers swaying on the beach may be a little over the top.

It was nice seeing a lot of you last week. The house is doing fine under Michelle’s watch. Unexpectedly got to attend Stephanie’s baby shower. Thanks Phineas Fellowship for the dessert potluck. The scrapbook touched my heart. I got to spend some time with my precious nephews. JT is 2.5 yrs old. He amazes me with all he understands. Aunt Jen’s hardwood floors are perfect for his trains & cars. And Marshall – so laid back & good natured. At 11 months, he’s been walking for a few weeks and the toddling drunken sailor walk cracks me up. His smile is so precious. He was quite talkative after the zoo. Good to spend time with my sisters & parents too.

It was good to be home, sleep in my own bed, see friends & family. But work-wise I was ready to come back here and be in the middle of what’s going on. Felt isolated in Wichita. It’s so weird that this familiar to me. Picked up a Citreon C3 at the airport, silver this time. I’ll get a picture of the car posted soon. They wanted to give me a C5 – a sedan. I’m glad they didn’t – parking is tight in the C3 at times, I don’t want a bigger car.

Ready to get into a work week, get groceries at the marche, get settled in again. I know the next 5 weeks will fly by. Jen arrives on Monday for a 2 week visit. I’m excited to have a girl here to talk to and for the trip we’re taking to Barcelona & Nice.


Lacy said...

I'm glad we got to breeze by you for a grand total of 5 minutes! I'm glad your return trip is over. Did you and your boys find some fun things to do last week?
I can't believe how much time has already passed, you'll be back in no time. Enjoy your "girl time" across France!

Jennifer said...

JT loved Exploration Place - thanks for the advice. And we all had fun at the zoo on Saturday.