Thursday, October 25, 2007

Middle of Everywhere

Last weekend was my last travel weekend for awhile. I went to Rolla, Missouri and the blog title used to actually be the city slogan. It was UMR’s Homecoming so I had an alumni association meeting to attend. And it was Christian Campus Fellowship’s 35th Anniversary celebration. And of course it’s always great to stay with my “college parents” when I’m in Rolla. It was a good weekend. Got to see some old friends at the CCF events. I got sunburned at the tailgate Saturday – it’s flippin’ October!! I did not stay for the football game but UMR actually won and is now 2-6 for the season.

For my fellow Miners, the campus has changed a lot in the last few years. There have been many capital improvement projects. They tore down UC West a few years ago. It was a great move as the Rolla Building can now be seen, but it’s very odd to see the puck basically in the middle of a field. UC West is no longer needed as the Havener Center is open and provides the campus with a real student union (where the Student Health Services bldg used to be).
Toomey Hall is huge. The ME Annex was torn down and this beaut is being built in it’s place + much more. Once the new section of the building is completed, the ME Building will be renovated.
Record enrollment this year at 6167. The name change is official on January 1, 2008: Missouri University of Science and Technology. I’m not fond of it, and don’t know an alum who is, but then again the Missouri School of Mines grads weren’t happy about becoming University of Missouri-Rolla.

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