Sunday, June 1, 2008

Backyard Movie Night

Fantastic! Heather and I hosted a Backyard Movie Night in my soggy, almost completed backyard on Saturday night. We had a large turn out - 40 people. It was a lot of fun (though I tend to be a "Martha" when I host and am constantly making sure everything is in order). It rained hard Saturday morning and there was some hail so we weren't sure if we were going to have to move the festivities inside. The yard was still a little wet but we decided to take a chance and do it outdoors anyway. There was some thunder and lightning in the distance during the movie but we stayed dry. The movie by popular demand was Caddy Shack. I must admit I had never seen it before - we only had to censor one scene. I was surprised that everyone sat down to quietly watch the movie. We hung a tarp on the back of the house and clothes-pinned a white sheet to it. Borrowed Andy's projector, the Nickels' speakers, and Rob did all the A/V set up. Thanks! Everyone brought chairs and we filled up half the backyard. It was a smashing success.

The backyard flower beds are almost complete. We've had so much rain the last 2 weeks that it's been hard to get it finished (it's raining as I'm typing this). But I'm down to just laying the last 4 bags of mulch the next time it is dry. So here are the flower beds in all their glory. Sorry, the pictures are at twilight so they're a little dark but you get the gist of things. Hydrangeas next to the shed. Lots of hostas, ferns, ornamental grasses, coleus, and impatiens in the big beds.

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