Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas and NYE

Happy New Year!
It's been a busier week than I expected. So, I'm just now getting around to posting some Christmas pictures. I don't have a lot of pictures. The boys weren't being real cooperative in taking any posed pictures either. We had a fairly quiet Christmas. I went up to Mom & Dad's on Dec 23. Sharon & David and JT came over on the afternoon of Christmas Day. JT got a train for Christmas "just like Grandpa's!!" (only smaller scale). He had to call Grandpa first thing Christmas Day to tell him. Marshall also got a special train table that he played with for hours. He broke down sobbing when they made him take a nap. Hannah & Jonathan and Marshall drove up on the 26th. We all pretty much just hung out at Mom & Dad's house for the weekend.

I had an impromptu sewing project. Sharon had asked me to make an apron for JT since he likes

to help in the kitchen. They picked out "Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU" fabric (that's JT's description).

It went together so quickly that we decided to make one for Marshall too since he likes to help his mama in the kitchen too. JT went to the store with me to help pick out the John Deere fabric.

My big Christmas present was money - I was saving towards a fancy cooking pot. I went shopping on the 26th at The Legends in KC to the Le Creuset outlet store. I am now the proud owner of a cornflower blue 7.25 quart round French oven. (Le Creuset are French made enamel coated cast iron pots.)

I made the trek back home and spent a few days running errands all over town. I was in charge of the Pathways New Year's Eve party this year. It's a semi-formal dinner & dance. We had about 40 people and everyone had tons of fun. It was in Old Cowtown. Everything went well and once the party started I was able to relax and enjoy it. I wore Mom's dress from my parents' Alaskan cruise this summer.

Happy New Year - may you be blessed in 2009.

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