Thursday, July 2, 2009

Is this it's Kansas

I spent last weekend in Lawrence. It was great to get some time with my family since I hadn't been home since Easter. JT loves the water. He & Grandma often have special dates at the aquatic center. They have a large kids pool. He is a little fish. We babysat JT on Friday night since it was Sharon & David's 10th wedding anniversary. I got to go along to the pool with JT & Grandma. He is becoming quite the good little swimmer. He could swim the length of the pool on his back, and can swim well underwater for as long as he can hold his breath. He has a little trouble with going forward on his stomach with is head out of the water still. But he amazed us - he's 4.5 years old! And he's getting quite independent. We had fun hanging out together.

One of the reasons I made the trip to Lawrence was because there was a Kansas City Youth For Christ reunion at Circle-C Ranch on Saturday night. It saw something that started with people getting connected on Facebook and it snowballed. It was open to anyone who had ever been involved with any facet of KCYFC over it's 66 years. By Friday afternoon, 650 people had RSVP'd. The ministry's name is now YouthFront and the camp is called YouthFront West. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. Many made the observation that we were getting a small taste of heaven - all the joy at see old friends and getting to fellowship with each other. It was incredible and they promised to do it again in a few years.
Vidy Metsker spoke for a few minutes. Vidy & Dr. Al started the ministry in 1943 a week before their wedding. I had the priviledge of meeting Dr. Al when I was involved in KCYFC. He passed away 16 years ago but Vidy is still going strong at 85. I am reading her book, "God Did It!", and enjoying learning about the way the ministry started.
I got to see several old friends and catch up with them- especially Lisa & Todd Reed. When I was in high school, they were at KU and were leaders with our YFC club. I've had the priviledge to stay in touch with them over the years but hadn't actually seen them in awhile.
It was great to see that the ranch carpet is still in the chapel. This beauty carpets both L-Bar-C & Circle-C's chapels. It's a lovely shag that was donated when they were building the camps. It still looks the same after close to 30 years. You can't understand the love affair we have with ranch carpet until you have experienced. But it's a think of beauty.
It was a great weekend - time with the family and seeing old friends at the reunion.
I pray you have a wonderful 4th of July as you celebrate the good old US of A and the independence we have because of the faith of our founding fathers.

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DeMo said...

Oh the carpet! I've laid on that carpet at L-Bar-C many times. Cried some tears on it too.