Monday, February 22, 2010

Week 7

Feb 15: I finally got around to putting the finishing touches on this cross-stitch. Now the question is how long will it take me to get it framed. I'm not sure I mentioned it before, but I've made one of these for each one of the Ross kids. Jessa is #5.
Feb 16: Being out in the backyard with the dog, I've noticed some hints of spring like the daffodil & tulip shoots beginning to emerge.
Feb 17: City tags. It may not seem like much but Diesel's first vet appointment was a draining experience. He was fine until he had to be held still for the shots, then he wanted out of the room as fast as possible. A 69 lb dog is not an easy opponent.
Feb 18: Amanda asked me to see the all Wichita high school production of Footloose with her. She knew a kid in it. I had forgotten how bad high school theatre can be. But it was still enjoyable. And we spotted Wayne Bryant, director of Music Theatre of Wichita, there. (I have season tickets to MTW and love it!)
Feb 19: Drool fest: Patrick Dempsey. Girls' movie night at my house where we pick a particular drool-worthy actor and watch a few of his movies. I made an almond-lemon cake topped with powdered sugar & raspberries.
It must have been local celebrity-spotting days for me. I ran into Renee Stevens (her family owns Spangles and she does all their commercials) at BabiesRUs while shopping for a friend's shower.
Feb 20: The chairs finally arrived! The living room pieces are all here & in place. Now I just need to get around to hanging things on the walls.
Feb 21: Scrapbooking date with Janel. Why yes, I am only on Costa Rica 2007. And we won't even talk about the fact that I have to do a whole separate album for my 3 months in France in 2007. Ack. Good thing we try to do this about once a month.


DeMo said...

"I had forgotten how bad high school theatre can be."
haha. So true! When I was in high school I thought the dramas were all great. I guess it's a matter of experience. Thanks for going with me anyway. :)

Hannah said...

Need to get some drapes with red in them for that window. And a tall plant or ficus tree for that corner. But the new LR looks great!

The Youngs said...

The living room looks great!