Sunday, February 28, 2010

Week 8

Feb 22: 99 cents at Target = a fantastic dog toy. Keeps him happy for quite some time.
Feb 23: He got neutered today. He does not like the cone of shame. Give me the most pathetic look when I put it on.
Feb 24: The Wichita Thunder hockey game at the new Intrust Bank Arena. Our free tickets were in the nose bleed section and the Thunder lost badly, but it was fun to go see with friends.

Feb 25: My first attempt at making ice cream turned out well even though the flavor raised eyebrows. Sweet Corn ice cream. It was all for Shaun's birthday party on ....
Feb 26 which was dubbed "the corn & ping-pong festival". We were asked to bring a corn side dish, so I went exotic. The ice cream was actually a big hit. It's really not as odd as it seems. All the corn inspired offerings.
The birthday boy getting some ping-pong action going.
Feb 27: I unexpectedly came across a picture at Hobby Lobby that I think will work perfectly over the couch and it happened to be 50% off.
Feb 28: A great way to start a Sunday...a massage.


Hannah said...

Gorgeous picture. will look great over the couch

Jennifer said...

Thanks! I was pretty happy to find it. Now I just have to get around to hanging it...