Sunday, March 7, 2010

Week 9

March 1: "Big Mean Kitty" was a gift from Lindsay to Diesel. He loves it. We have spent a lot of time playing fetch in the house with it this week. She brought it with her to our first El Salvador mission team meeting tonight. It's a great team of 17 and it will be an awesome trip.
March 2: I've been craving Asian food lately. I made "Asian dumpling soup with edamame and shiitake" tonight. Only I forgot to buy edamame and I couldn't find watercress so I substituted spinach. It was still yummy.
March 3: We're going to have to get Diesel into better shape. We took a little longer walk today (about 20 minutes) and the last 2 blocks he kept looking back at me with his tongue hanging out like "are we done yet?!" The good news is he's doing so much better on the leash. I never realized how many dogs there are in my neighborhood until I started walking him and getting barked at from every angle.
March 4: You may have to blow up the picture to see all the smudges but this is from inside the backseat of the car looking out. Diesel loves riding in the car. I took him along on errands tonight.
March 5: I don't know if he gets excited when he realizes I'm home for the day or if this is from the mailman dropping off the mail, but every day the front door rug is a crumpled pile.
March 6: Matt's birthday party was tonight. Over an hour of about 30 of us sharing funny stories about him. He'd like you to think he's a jerk but just listen in and it's pretty easy to see why we all count ourselves lucky to be his friend. I made a dessert to share at the party: tarte tatin (apple tart).
And because the tarte only took half a recipe of Danish pastry dough, I also made almond danish - all Nigella's recipes of course.
March 7: I couldn't believe the size of the strawberries when I went grocery shopping today. I am getting excited about the fruit & veggies that are coming into season.


DeMo said...

I think I'm going to make some Asian food tonight. Wanchai Ferry from a box! :)

I didn't get any of your tarte tartin! mmmm. Wish I would have b/c it looks delish in that picture.

Oh, and agreed about how Matt wants people to perceive him but we all know who he really is...

Jennifer said...

Hee. Hope the Wanchai Ferry was good. Did you have a giant panda join you on the couch? Last night I made a shrimp, asparagus, portabella, & rice noodle dish. I think I'm craving it because I was remembering my London trip. Odd connection but we ate at several noodle places that week.