Sunday, March 21, 2010

Week 11

March 15: Every Monday when I drive to the Ronald McDonald House to volunteer, I am blown away by the neighborhood of Victorian houses that I drive through. I never knew there were Victorian homes in Wichita. Most of them are well maintained. This 3-story brick stunner always catches my eye.
March 16: Chayote Squash. Yum. We were introduced to this Central/South American squash on a mission trip to Costa Rica and happily, I can find it at my local grocery store.
I periodically buy a few and make chayote squash hash with ground turkey, onion, coriander, salt & pepper.
March 17: Spring is coming. The daffodils are growing.
March 18: I was so overwhelmed by the massive amount of front yard leaves last fall that I decided to not mess with the leaves in the backyard. Figured I'd just deal with them in the spring. Big mistake. I learned my lesson. Raking leaves that have sat for months and been snowed & iced on flat out sucks. But it was a beautiful 60 degree day.
March 19: My neighbor has some beautiful crocuses that have bloomed just in time for...
March 20: Snow on the first day of spring. We got about 2 inches in Wichita. It's been a seriously weird winter weather-wise. I'd complain about the snow, 30 degree temp & 30 mph winds, but I know Teena will tell me they haven't seen the ground in Dawson Creek since October.
March 21: A flock of Canadian geese were roaming a nearby park this morning. As you can see, most of the snow has already melted.

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