Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Week 10

March 8: I realize this is a little gross, which is why you aren't getting a close up. It rained alot today. When I opened the back door to let the dog out, I was greeted with the sight of earthworms covering the patio. Yuck.
March 9: This is the guilt trip I am now subjected to on a daily basis. He follows me around with the kitty in his mouth. If I stop for a second, kitty is dropped at my feet and I'm greeted with an expectant look of "Throw it! Let's play!" And if I don't oblige, he flops down on the floor at my feet and lets out a huge sigh and p0uts.
March 10: Now that it's a bit warmer, and it's rainy, I get to break out the happy coat. I know a green & white flowered trench coat is subtle, but I like to blend in.
March 11: I started working on my talk for Pathways on Sunday. I realized most of my reference books were gifts for which I am very grateful.
March 12: I finally burned one of the candles Elisabeth sent for my birthday. It is supposed to "bloom" and become flower like, but doesn't always work. This one obviously didn't but it still smelled nice.
March 13: Attended a Wichita Wild game with some friends. It's indoor football and is very fast paced. The Wild lost steam in the 2nd half but it was a fun game.
Do you see the pvc pipe duct taped to the down marker pole? During the 1st quarter, a player ran into the marker and snaped the pole in half right in front of us. It was amusing watching them figure out how to fix it. The field extends to the wall. Fans are tasked with holding the markers upright since the sideline workers have to get out of the way for the plays.
March 14: I spoke at Pathways - did a word study on "hope".


DeMo said...

You're right. The earthworms are a little bit gross, but they mean that rain has come and that is a good thing!

I was sad to miss your talk at Pathways!

The Youngs said...

Diesel is so cute! Earthworms are a sign spring is around the corner! YAY