Sunday, March 28, 2010

Week 12

March 22: I rarely get pedicures, but when I do, I go for broke.
MArch 23: One of my daffodils has a bud.
March 24: The weather took a nose dive - again. I decided a cold & blustery day was the perfect time to introduce Diesel to Sedgwick County Park. Few people and few other pets. He behaved much better than I anticipated. We may make this a weekly outing.
March 25: One of the clumps of daffodils in the neighborhood. I am getting to know my 'hood much better now that I'm taking daily walks with the dog.
March 26: Please excuse the rotated picture. Blogger is not being friendly today and I've tried several times to correct it without avail. I give up. But I was excited to see leaves on my dwarf golden barberry shurbs.
March 27: Rachel, Lindsay & I spent the afternoon culling thrift stores for horrible prom dresses for Thrift Store Prom. Rachel is modeling one lovely find.
March 28: Had 4 friends over for a Sunday dinner. It was a great time. Orange Roughy with lemon & olives, brown rice pilaf, wilted greens (kale), and a crostata with blackberry jam for dessert.

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