Sunday, June 19, 2011

Not so fun news

After last Saturday's run, my left foot hurt badly.  I'd had tweaks for a month or so but just thought it was a tendon I pulled last year.  However, this was different and kept hurting.  I was able to get a doctor's appointment on Tuesday afternoon.  That was when I learned I had a stress fracture.  I have to lay off running & biking for two weeks.  The foot is feeling better but still hurts a little in the spot.  I have been obeying doctor's orders.  I was also told I needed to get new running shoes.  I went to First Gear and got fitted for some schmancy running shoes.  I like the grey & yellow color and offset laces.  And as always, I got Asics.
More not fun news this week was that I have to replace this old beast.  New air conditioner and furnace will be installed in 2 weeks and my savings account will take a hit.
But one nice thing is the daisies started blooming.

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