Sunday, June 5, 2011

River Festing

I admit I love the Wichita River Festival.  It's celebrating it's 40th year.  I spent some time RiverFesting on the big opening weekend.  I met a friend from biblestudy at the Sundown Parade on Friday night.  I had never been to the parade and it was kind of lame but the Windwagon made it's appearance with Admiral Windwagon Smith aboard (the Festival Grand Marshal). 
The Wichita Fire Department debuted their pink firetruck during the parade.

Lyndi and I hung out on the river bank waiting for the fireworks.  We listened to the Wichita Symphony's pops concert and watched the sun set over Exploration Place and The Keeper of the Plains. 
Just before the pops concert started, a KC-135R refueling tanker from McConnell Air Force Base did a flyover with the refueling boom down. The flyovers were cooler when the B-1 Bombers were at McConnell, but we're still proud of the Refueling Wing that is stationed there.
And the last big event for the evening was the fireworks show.  A great evening!
Saturday morning I was excited to participate in the River Run for the first time.  I ran the 2 mile - there was also a 10K race. I was lucky enough to see a lady from church who had just run the 10K and was doing the 2 mile as well.  She is training for a marathon.  We ran the 2 mile together and having her there helped push me to run a little faster.  It was hot for 9:30 AM.  I was pleased with my time of 19:27.  I don't claim to be fast, but I'll finish.  There were ~2400 runners in the 2 mile.  We were closer to the front but we still had a lot of people to weave in & out of through out the race.

Sunday I decided to take Diesel to explore a park we'd never been to before.  It's an awesome park.  Very wooded paths.  It was a sniffer's paradise (i.e. D loved it).  We will definitely be going there again.

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