Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kansas City Zoo

I went home for Labor Day weekend.  JT had wanted to go to the zoo all summer but it had just been too hot.  So I had asked Sharon a few weeks ago if we could do it when I came up.  It was a cooler day than we had been having (in the 90s) but it was still hot & humid.  We had fun anyway.
Mom, Sharon, JT, Sam & I all went.  It was Sam's first trip to the zoo.
Aunt Jennifer was instructed to take pictures of some of the animals like the tigers. JT's in the blue hat.

We also pet sheep and rode the carousel.

Sam was such a good boy. He had to be so hot but he didn't fuss at all.
We saw Grandma's favorite - elephants.
JT and I rode the new sky ride (think ski lift) over the African animals.  At first he was a little scared but by the middle he said the ride was going to be too short.
Sam and his mommy at home again.  Such a cute boy!

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