Monday, August 13, 2007

Had a good time at the family reunion in Illinois Aug 3-5. Always good to see my aunts and uncles and my dad's cousins and Great Uncle Bob. The Marshall kids and spouses:

I got quality time with JT as he insisted on taking the 8-hour roadtrip in Grandpa’s car rather than with Mommy & Daddy. He does really well, likes looking out the window. We had fun singing and playing. I taught him to say “favorite aunt” – hee.

I have to figure out when to take a trip to see my other nephew, Marshall.

I got the new calculator – I know you’re anxious to hear about it. The HP 33s RPN has a fancy design. It’s incredibly lightweight and has some great functions, but I’m still getting used to it.

I have season tickets to Music Theatre of Wichita but for obvious reasons missed most of this summer’s season. I let a friend enjoy them. I got to attend the last show of the season last week – Hairspray. Fun. However, I was more excited by a discovery I made when I finally glanced at the tickets when we got to the theatre. I got new seats – Row A front & center in the Balcony! Can’t tell you how thrilled I was. I’ve been trying to get from Row B to Row A for 2 seasons. I’m buying season tickets whether I’m here next summer or not so I can keep the seats.


Jamie said...

Hey, if you go to High School Musical we'll probably be sitting right behind you! I think we're in Row B, center in the balcony. The girls can't wait!!! (I can, however.)

Jennifer said...

I'll be there since I missed the regular season show in June. But I won't have my reg seats because it's an encore performance. They only had front orchestra left, so I shelled out for it cuz I really want to see it.