Friday, August 31, 2007

she strikes again

My mom hates when I say this (I can hear her saying “Don’t speak that over yourself!”), but I am a klutz. There’s no denying it. Let me share just a few examples from the past week. I invested in some schmancy new kitchen knives: Henckel Four Star series. For the last ten years I’ve been using a block I bought at a friend’s garage sale for $5. I think their actual retail price was $20. But they did the trick for someone fresh out of college with no money. I love the new knives, and let me tell you, they’re incredible sharp. They slice through everything, even skin, like butter. I sliced my fingers – twice, thank goodness not badly. Those cuts are healing nicely. So last night I sliced my finger with the letter opener going through the mail. Toledo steel in the shape of a sword from Spain – ironically, a present from my mom.

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