Monday, August 27, 2007

Live each day

Wow. I was prepared to write a light blog about investing in some great kitchen knives this weekend. However, I got an email that changed everything this morning. My final semester in college, we got a new campus minister for Christian Campus Ministry. Allen & Chrissy have done great work there over the last 11 years. The email told me about two weeks ago they had a motorcycle accident. She was thrown and sustained only a concussion, but he was pinned under the bike. He had a spinal cord injury. There have been issues with his lungs & breathing, but he is starting to get some sensation in his upper body. There is a long road ahead of them.

I have two other friends who are in the midst of health crises as well. Caden, friends’ 4 year old son, is undergoing chemo for a neuroblastoma in his abdomen. And Cory, an old KCYFC friend, undergoes major abdominal surgery tomorrow.

So I pray, pray, pray for these friends and their families. It’s amazing how life changes in an instant. I marvel at the strength they have to walk through each day, even though I know they often don’t feel strong. Each of them has a community of believers standing with them. And it’s a reminder for each of us to live each day such that when we do face crises that we have a firm foundation to stand on.

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