Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Conglomeration

First and foremost - Happy 3rd Birthday to my sweet nephew JT!

Christmas was a low-key affair at my parents' house. JT helped me unwrap my present. "You got a box, Jen-fer! You got a box!" Hee. I was more excited about the food processor and loads of attachments inside the box. I've already put it to use. It was a nice few days hanging out with Mom & Dad, Sharon & David & JT and seeing a few friends.

When I returned to Wichita, I got somewhat busy and finished the kitchen. I managed to cut the tin tiles and glue them to the wall without hurting myself to finish the backsplash. And I got the final quarter-round trim cut, painted & stained as necessary. After 3 hours of crawling around the tile floor hammering it in place, my knees are quite sore & bruised. I was pretty proud of myself for getting the miter cuts correct. Only 1 out of 21 pieces had to be redone. It's so weird that the kitchen is now done. I cannot believe I finally finished it. What in the world am I going to do next? The list is percolating.

The Pathways New Year's Eve party was a lot of fun. We were at the Old Cowtown Museum Visitors Center for dinner and dancing. It's always fun to get dressed up. I only have a few pictures.

Heather, Amber & I

Jeremy crashed the Jennifer M club.

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Jamie said...

Congrats on finishing your kitchen! I love the tin tiles!!

Your dress was to.die.for - love it!

Happy New Year! We miss you on Wednesdays!!!