Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Older and Wiser

I’m another year older now. We can hope wiser as well. Saturday night friends gave me a little party at my house. As is usual, we all ended up hanging out in the kitchen/dining room talking and laughing. I don’t know why I bother cleaning the living room when people come over because it never gets used.

I drove up to Lawrence Sunday to spend my birthday with my family. I don’t typically do that, but it worked out that my parents have my youngest nephew for the week while Hannah & Jonathan move. I have to get time in with him when I can. I arrived at church to find both JT and Marshall sitting in Grandpa’s lap. Marshall loves “Ba-poo”, though JT tried to inform him he’s “Grandpa”. Speaking of name-calling, Marshall called me “Sin-ser” – the first time he’s been able to say my name. JT’s always called me just “Jen-fer” and Grandma stresses “She’s AUNT Jennifer”, so JT has started saying “Jen-fer… AUNT Jen-fer”.
Mom made a delicious meal as always. And I spent a lot of time playing with the boys. It was a circus between Mom, Dad, Sharon & David, me, and the boys. The boys didn’t cooperate for pictures very well but we got a few good ones.

Also in the mix was Barkley – Hannah’s beagle-mix that my parents have inherited in the move.
This is JT’s Christmas present from Grandma & Grandpa – in his words “a jumpoline house”. Marshall watches his bigger cousin and squeals with delight. The boys have such different personalities, yet are so precious for who they are individually. It was the best way imaginable to spend my birthday.

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