Tuesday, February 19, 2008

my new toy

I bought an iPod nano on Friday. I had saved Christmas & birthday money to get it. Now I need to actually open the box. I know that gives you gadget people heart palpitations. But it would have consumed my whole weekend and I had a long to-do list. I need to set aside a few hours to mess with setting it up. I promise I'll be better than when I bought the dvd recorder last year and took a month to get it out of the box.


Lacy said...

I want one...and can't decide if that's what I want to spend my saved holiday money on too.
What color did you get?
No worries.... my gadget guru husband can't stand that I still haven't uploaded software for my gps running gadget (I've had since MAY!). I'll get the de-phib (sp?) pads before I tell him your story!

Jennifer said...

I got silver. I actually fought with my computer for 2 hours last night trying to get iTunes updated. Maybe by the weekend I'll actually have some tunes on the thing.