Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rocky Mountain High

I had the opportunity to go skiing this past weekend with a group of friends from church. I hadn’t expected to get to ski this year and was thrilled at the chance to go along. We went to Breckenridge, Colorado and stayed in a ski-in/ski-out condo. It was a blast.

The drive out Thursday got interesting west of Denver when we hit a snow storm. The highway was down to one lane of traffic. I was thankful I wasn’t driving. We made it slowly but safely to the condo. Friday morning the weather wasn’t bad. Skied in a lot of powder that day. It takes a lot of effort but it was neat to go down a run with 12 inches of fresh powder and only 2 sets of ski tracks. That was also where I fell 3 times – one of which was a face plant. I had to look around to find the ski that came off – could barely see the binding sticking out of the snow. The afternoon became very overcast with wind gusts that sent snow blowing. The face mask I bought was worth every penny. Yes, that's me and I don't know why I smiled for the picture.

Saturday and Sunday were clear, gorgeous days. Amazing views from the top of the mountain. Sunday was my favorite day of skiing. I skied with a small group that was just my speed. We were hauling it down the blues on Peak 7. It was so much fun.


Jamie said...

so envious of your travels -- especially this one!!!

Lacy said...

It looks awesome! I've only been there in the summer. That's crazy to see the same spot where we were alpine sliding covered with snow.
FUNFUN! (Oh, I could tell you were smiling!)