Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A stripping good time

Do you like what I’ve done with the room? I don’t know about you but there are several times during home improvement projects that I’d like to ask my home’s previous owners “What the heck where you thinking?!”
Like gluing linoleum to the hardwood floor at the back door. Who does that??!! The walls in the “roommate” bedroom were in need of some attention after the last roommate. I’ve found out that there is wallpaper that’s been painted over in there. Before the next roommate moves in in May, I decided to do the right thing and strip the wallpaper before painting. The wallpaper has been painted over at least 3 times and ends up there are 3 layers of wallpaper. Ah the joy. It took about 10 hours to remove the painted layer from this wall. Once that’s off, the other layers come off relatively easy. See the lovely bits of paper. The bottom two layers are the exact same print – the green. Why?! I think it’s so that 20 years later I could be tortured. I admit I'm not a wallpaper fan - especially since I've had to remove so much of it.
So this is where you’ll find me feverishly trying to finish in time. Anyone willing to join in the fun is welcome.

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