Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tennessee or bust

I went to visit Hannah & Jonathan and, mostly, Marshall last weekend. They moved to Martin, TN in January – it’s in the NW corner of TN. Weather in Atlanta wreaked havoc on flights but I managed to make it to Memphis about 2 hours later than scheduled.
Marshall is 21 months old now and looking more little boy than baby. Hannah’s been working on him saying “Aunt Jennifer” – it comes out “Jen-ser”. He’s an absolutely precious bundle of energy. We had tons of fun playing – cars, train, balls, running around the house & wrestling. And he’s quite the chatterbox. He’ll hold his hand up to his ear as a phone – the funny thing is when he listens & answers back. He’s a little ham (can’t imagine why since his mama was never like that – cough, cough).
Here are several pictures of him from the weekend.

On Saturday we drove 2.5 hours to SE Missouri to visit Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Tom. That whole corner of the world is still very flooded & we saw lots of water in places it’s not supposed to be. It was a great time to see family. My cousin’s son Eric & his girlfriend Amy were there for the weekend too. Marshall had a ball wandering around the shed with tractors to climb on & down to the pond. It was really nice to see them.
Jonathan, Marshall, Hannah, Aunt Marilyn, Uncle Tom & I:
Me, Eric, Hannah
Eric's self portrait (he is his father's son)
Marshall reading the tractor calendar - apparently it's very enthralling
And Monday Marshall & I sported our KU gear to cheer the Jayhawks on to victory.

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