Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 2

Jan 11: The glorious afternoon sun shining into my currently bare living room.
Jan 12: Piece #1 - I put the new tv stand together.
Jan 13: My birthday. Gayle made me a cake and Jane made cookies which we ate at biblestudy.
The b-day card pile. Jan 14: Piece #2 - the first of the bookcases gets assembled.
Jan 15: My birthday party entailed rounding up a few friends and going dancing at Margarita's. It was a fun night with a great group of friends!
Jan 16: Piece # 3 - The new couch has arrived and I am loving it. Man, I have good taste!
Jan 17: Over a year ago, Heather Y and I took some gourmet cooking classes. We finally got around to putting together a dinner for a few friends and trying out those recipes. Pork Normandy - pork tenderloin with apple brandy sauce and apple chutney, salad, roast potatoes and carrots, bread and I made a tarte tatin for dessert. Good food & good friends. It was a good thing my living room was practically bare. We pulled the dining room table out there and added on a card table to have enough room for everyone.


DeMo said...

So fun! And that birthday cake was delicious.

DeMo said...

Amend comment to say:

Sunday's meal was delicious too, but you already knew that. :)