Sunday, January 3, 2010

Week 52/Week 1

It seems it was a busy week. Lots of pictures to share.
Dec 29: Treated myself to a pedicure for New Year's Eve. By chance I chose Janel's favorite shade, "I'm not just a waitress."
Dec 30: Declaring war on the popcorn ceilings. Bedroom #2 before.
Bedroom #2 after.
Dec 31: Our fantasitc new venue for Pathways' New Year's Eve Party - WaterWay Cafe in Exploration Place
Dancing the night away.
My fabulous friend & co-planner, Lindsay.
Jan 1: Saying good-bye to the hide-a-bed that the previous home owner left in the basement. Tanya & Chris got engaged on that couch. But Sara is giving it a good new home.
Jan 2: So, I might be a tad stuborn & independent. I moved the purple couch & loveseat to the basement by myself. My living room looks like a bachelor pad now. I'm awaiting the arrival of newly purchased furniture, and in the meantime will remove the popcorn ceiling while the room is cleared out.
Jan 3: JT's birthday and no major plans, so I braved these fine road conditions to drive 3 hours to Sharon & David's house to spend time with him on his b-day. Yes, that is the interstate.
The newly minted 5 year old who was very excited about his snuggie from Grandma & Grandpa.
Trying to get the goofball to hold still so I could get a good picture. His cousin Amber had spent the night. We had a good time playing together. Happy birthday, buddy. I love you very much.

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