Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas edition of The Daily Grind

Dec 20: Pathways' Christmas candlelight service...only we weren't allowed to use real candles.
Dec 21: Santa Bear
Dec 22: I didn't pack so light for heading to my parents for Christmas. I headed up a day early due to the big storm that was forecast and was thankfully up there well before any bad weather developed.
Dec 23: Merry Christmas deer. Dad shot this buck (1982/83?) when we still lived in Canada and it's been a fixture in our home ever since. It now resides at the bottom of the stairwell to welcome you to the basement and gets dressed up for Christmas. A few years ago, David told JT (about 2 at the time) that a reindeer flew thru the wall and got stuck.
Dec 24: Barkley was caught in the act. This is his favorite spot in the house because he can look out the front windows, but he's not allowed to be up on the bed.
Dec 25: Lawrence received 8-10 inches of snow and winds up to 40 mph. This greeted us Christmas morning out the front door. That is about a 3 foot snow drift at the end of the walk that extended along the entire front of the garage.
The view out the back door.

JT & I got bundled up like Nanook of the North to go sledding. Mom & Dad's driveway is steep enough to make a perfect hill and there was a big plowed drift across the street that we would sled into. Eventually, Sharon, David, Mom & Dad joined us in the sledding. It was great.
Dec 26: Heather P & I braved the poorly plowed roads to meet for lunch. I had cabin fever after 3 days of barely leaving the house and it was great to catch up with my dear friend.
Dec 27: The Man Meal. Allen & Steve made us dinner a fabulous dinner. Life would be boring without these men as my friends.
Dec 28: hmmm, what color to choose...the living room & hallway will be getting a new coat of paint soon.


Lacy said...

I look forward to this every week now. Keep it up

Clare said...

I'm sure Bambi thanks you for his Christmas garb, super cute.

DeMo said...

Yay for the man meal! LOL at the reindeer story. very believable for a 2 year old.