Monday, December 14, 2009

Seattle & more

Dec 10 - I was quite proud of myself. This was all my luggage for my trip to see Grandma.
Dec 11 - I don't remember ever flying into Seattle on such a clear day. I had this amazing view of Mt. Rainier out my airplane window.
I can't help but share two pictures from this day. The view of downtown Seattle was fantastic as we flew around it. I love that I caught a ferry boat crossing the Puget Sound.
Dec 12 - Grandma has these enormous evergreens in her backyard which are a good 70-80 feet tall.
Dec 13 - Grandma and me. I had a very nice weeked spending time with her and seeing most of my aunts, uncles & cousins on that side of the family.
When I was at the airport on my way home, this corner of the airport sparked a memory. Here is where I received my 10 year service award from my manager on a very early Friday morning as a group of us were waiting to catch our flight back to Wichita a few years ago. He decided to do it then since we were all missing the crew meeting that day I was supposed to get it at.
Dec 14 - The only Christmas tree I bothered to get out at my house this year.


DeMo said...

Your packing skills amaze me. Especially in winter. I always seem to pack twice as much.

Jennifer said...

I ended up having an extra outfit too. I wore my heavy cardigan that I could mix & match so it cut down on the bulk. Luckily I didn't forget anything.
After my month-long trip to Moscow with 2 suitcases, laptop & carry on, I vowed to never travel with that much luggage again.