Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Daily Grind

I was inspired to start a new blog project. Last week I read a book review about two friends who lived thousands of miles apart and decided to each take a picture every morning for a year, and now they have published a book of those pictures. I don't intend to publish a book, but I am going to attempt to take one picture a day for a year and post at the end of each week. We'll see how far I get with it. It has been interesting to think about what picture to take each day - to find that little thing that brings me a moment of joy or captures the essence of the day. So for your viewing enjoyment, this week's pictures starting on Thanksgiving Day.
Nov 26, 2009: Nothing brings me more joy than my three precious nephews.

Nov 27: Dad's birthday cake per the instructions of his grandsons. Nov 28: Halls Department Store on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City
Nov 29: Nick's chair. It was the first time I'd been home since Nick passed away this summer (my pastor growing up), and it felt odd to see his seat empty.
Nov 30: Just getting back from Thanksgiving weekend away + a long & busy Monday at work = Dillons sushi for dinner
Dec 1: Starting birth sampler #5 for the Ross family
Dec 2: New Year's Eve dress decisions
Dec 3: Jimmy! He won an evening on The Party Bus to tour Christmas lights in town and invited about 20 of us to join him for the fun.
Dec 4: Just around the block from my house is this tree-stump-turned-bear that gets dressed up for holidays. Somehow I missed seeing his Pilgrim costume until today. It's new this year and, in my opinion, quite spiffy.
Dec 5: Janel's 30th birthday party
Dec 6: 12:01 AM at IHOP


Lacy said...

this is great. I may have to do this too. Very excited to see this next week.

Hannah said...

keep it up! also need to update your description to THREE nephews now!

DeMo said...

Fun pictures! Your dad's cake made me laugh. So... uhm... colorful? :) Great job on the pics, it will be fun to look back on them next year and remember what you've done. December is the month for the December Photo Project, and you can be a part of a bigger network of people. (