Sunday, December 20, 2009

The week that was...

Dec 15: Another Nigella recipe - snow-capped spice cake. I made it for a snack day at work. It was yummy. Dec 16 - Yes, I did rake leaves in mid-Dec. It was finally not frigid today and the lingering leaves were driving me nuts, so I took care of them.
Dec 17 - An important part of each workday morning and now I'm prepared for 2010. Four of us have been doing the daily Jeopardy calendar for several years, keep track of scores on an Excel spreadsheet...yes, we're enginerds.
Dec 18 - Went to see "Road To Bethleham", a tour through the story of Jesus' birth. Here Mary is visiting her cousin Elizabeth (Luke 1).
Dec 19 - Baking: chocolate mint cookies, nutella cookie sandwiches, and sugar cookies with covered with chocolate & peppermint.

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