Monday, January 25, 2010

Week 3

Jan 18: We had many days of dense fog. It's hard to capture it but this was my drive home from dinner with friends on Monday night.
Jan 19: Alan gave me an amaryllis for my birthday. It has been growing about an inch a day.
Jan 20: I had a nice surprise in the mail today. Amanda sent me this book I had asked to borrow. It's written as a series of letters so she thought it appropriate to mail it to me. I couldn't wait to start reading it this weekend.
Jan 21: I finished putting together the last of the furniture pieces - # 4 (2nd bookshelf), 5 (coffee table) & 6 (end table. Well, I didn't have to put together the end table but I did plan ot replace the knob with one that matched the rest of the furniture. Unfortunately the sucker wouldn't budge. I asked some boys to help and they couldn't get it to budge either (thank goodness I'm not a whimp!). Jeremy ended up drilling out the screw head to remove the old knob and replace it with the new matching one.
Jan 22: I went home to see my parents for the weekend. I snuck out after dinner to see "The Young Victoria" at Liberty Hall. Fabulous movie! And I love the uniqueness of Liberty Hall.
Jan 23: While JT and Dad got barber cuts at Mike Amyx's...
Mom, Sharon & I did a little window shopping downtown and I took them to see The New Show at Signs of Life that my friends put together. This is one of Darin's sculptures that is on display (and for sale).
These are my favorite pieces in the show.
Jan 24: JT and I got a lot of play time this weekend.


Your sis said...

Ok, should you really be taking pictures when you are driving? And why don't you BUY some of that art?!

Jennifer said...

Um, probably not. But it was 10:30 pm & there was hardly any traffic...
Because it's expensive! $1740 a piece for the 2 paintings I liked.

H said...

It's an investment!! And name me your beneficiary so the next time you do something stupid like take a picture driving, I can benefit from it :)

Jennifer said...

If I had a spare $4000 lying around, I'd gut the main bathroom over buying art.
You'll have to fight Mom & Dad for my vast fortune if I bite it.