Monday, May 17, 2010

Week 19

May 10: Tornado Warning. We had serious weather today. Rotation was spotted about a mile away but luckily nothing came of it. Diesel and I hung out in the basement for awhile with my quickly pulled together stash.
May 11: My summer music theatre season tickets arrived! I love Music Theatre of Wichita and am looking forward to this summer's shows.
May 12: Diesel hanging out in the backyard. Isn't my dog cute?!
May 13: The cottonwood was flying everywhere in the park today and gathered in big clumps beside the trail.
May 15: Amy & Ashlee's birthday party was a lot of fun. The funniest part was 2 yr old Vance meeting Ashlee for the first time. His mind was blown. "You're the wrong Amy!"
May 16: Due to the rain & cold, paint ball was out. So we went to brunch and to see Iron Man 2 for Jen's birthday.
May 17: I made blueberry boy bait for our Pathways game night. It has been much requested since I first made it last year. And yes, "blueberry boy bait" is really the name of the dessert.
Custard, blueberry jammy concoction, meringue
This is what I brought home.

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