Sunday, May 23, 2010

Week 20

May 17: The roses in the neighborhood are blooming with gusto. So many in so many beautiful colors.
May 18: My special neighbor, Una, gave me this gorgeous rose today. She planted her yellow rose bush in memory of her mother who loved yellow roses. It smells fabulous too.
May 19: Diesel thinks running water is a toy. He loves it when I turn the hose on him; he prefers to drink the water as I'm pouring it in his dish than when it's actually in the dish. This morning it was raining when I let him out. He ran to the edge of the patio and was catching the rain falling off the roof in his mouth. Cracked me up, goofy dog.
May 20: Bear is ready for summer.
May 21: Very excited that I will have hydrangea blooms this year!
May 22: It was backyard movie night tonight. I regret to inform you that none of my pictures turned out so great, but here goes. Diesel loved seeing his friends Seth & Jesse. "Sit wittle Diesel. Lick me Diesel." He's happy to oblige Seth's commands.
"Back to the Future" was the feature movie. No threat of rain this year, though it was a little windy. And a good time was had by all.
May 23: Tried out Linkhaus after Pathways tonight - a new bratwurst place. The Italian - smothered in tomatoes, basil, mozerella & balsamic. Yummy.


Angela said...

Glad to hear this movie didn't need to be censored!! :-)

I was hoping that restaurant would open before we left...looks like we almost made it.

Jennifer said...

Hee. Matt will never live that down.
It was pretty good. But you get plenty of new food adventures! Hope they are getting better than the first few days. And soon you'll get to cook in your spiffy kitchen!