Sunday, July 11, 2010

Week 27

July 5: On my drive back from Tennessee, I stopped in Mansfield, Missouri at Laura Ingalls Wilder's historic home. This is where she wrote all her books. There is a little museum and two houses to tour. It was awesome being where those amazing books were written and seeing so many artifacts from her life.
July 6: Is it just me, or does my juniper bush look a little like Wu Shock?
Wu Shock is Wichita State's mascot. It might be time to trim that bush.

July 7: Janel and Sara helped me shop for the supplies needed for the mission trip. We cleaned Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby out of candy, paper bags, baggies, beads, face paint and various & sundry other items. It is a huge relief to have that off the to-do list.
July 8: Bear was dressed up to celebrate the 4th of July in style.
July 9: I had the chance to spend the evening with Sharon & David and JT. He is a little scrapped up from an accident with a friend's great dane puppy.
We went to the cruise night at Sonic just down the street from their house to check out 30 or 40 old cars.
And then we went swimming in their neighbor's pool. JT is a fish. He loves the water and swims very well. I couldn't resist a picture of him in his goggles. Too cute!
July 10: I spent the weekend in Kansas City with friends. We left our cameras & phones behind most of the time. Spent most of the day at Worlds of Fun and then went to the Country Club Plaza for an amazing dinner at M&S Grill.
July 11: Spent the morning at Cabela's - Rachel, Lindsay & I model the coonskin caps. Had lunch at Arthur Bryant's before heading home. I had burnt ends and some ribs - KC BBQ, yum!

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