Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Week 26

June 28: I made a California burger, but looks more like a Dagwood sandwich. Sprouts, chicken burger, tomato, avocado, and cucumber on a whole grain bun.
June 29: Sunrise out my kitchen window.
June 30: It doesn't show up well but my index finger was bruised it's entire length. My dog hates a German shephard in our obedience class. He jerked towards the dog while the leash was wrapped around my hand and it hurt!
July 1: I set off on a 5 day road trip today. I made time to take in some quirky attractions along the way. Big Brutus is outside of West Mineral, Kansas. World's Second Largest Electric Shovel.
July 2: I enjoyed my visit with Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Tom.
July 3: I ended up in Tennessee to see two of my nephews. Marshall just turned 4.
And Jack just turned 1.
July 4: Aunt time with my precious boys!
I promise a much longer post about the road trip with many more pictures soon.

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